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Sisters Red Book Review

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    Book Title: Sisters Red Author: Jackson Pearce Original Fairy Tale: Little Red Riding Hood Spin on the Original: Little Red Riding Hood meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sisters Red starts out with a terrifying tragedy in which the main character, Scarlett, is attacked and disfigured protecting her younger sister Rosie from the big bad wolf. In this version of Little Red Riding Hood, the wolves are part of a species called the Fenris. Review: This book is worth reading. It is geared toward young adults, but I’m in my 30s and I found it enjoyable. It is riveting from the first page, when Scarlett and Rosie come upon the wolf in the forest. I loved the character Scarlett whose passion in life is slaying Fenris, and she won’t stop until every last one of them is killed. Supposedly Scarlett and Rosie are supposed to be so close, as to be inseparable. But it seems more than Rosie feels guilt over escaping the Fenris unscathed, and Scarlett feels alone because she sacrifices having human relationships in order to kill Fenris. Still, it was refreshing to read about a main character with super powers who isn’t obsessed with a sparkly vampire, or some other nonsense. It was a bit disconcerting that Rosie falls in love with a boy who, legally, really couldn’t date her, much less go off and live with her. But I suppose these are the things fairy tales and fantasies are made of. Rosie did grow in the novel, but only when she pretended – for a few moments – to be Scarlett. She then went back to her old self. I would love to see a sequel focused only on Scarlett, because while the rotating Rosie-Scarlett viewpoint of Sisters Red was interesting, Scarlett was the character I cared about in this novel. It might also be interesting to see her balance human relationships with her calling as a Fenris slayer. In that respect, this novel played out the two choices stereotypical for females – have no calling of your own and instead, fall in love with some guy, or have a passion of your own and end up alone. Favorite Quote: “A thought locked itself in Scarlett’s mind, and she repeated it over and over until it became a chant, a prayer: ‘I am the only one left to fight, so now I must kill you.’” Meaning: Sometimes it is the tragedies that give our life meaning – if Scarlett hadn’t been attacked by a Fenris, her whole life would not be dedicated to slaying them. And maybe also, if you are a warrior and a hero, you can never move on to being a lover or a sage. Scarlett is stuck forever fighting, and the best she will do is survive and kill a few Fenris. She needs to find a team like Buffy did. And maybe a Fenris with a...

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