Other People’s Bodies

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I first need to admit the only class I ever almost failed was P.E. Freshman year of high school, I could not get the ball over the net in volleyball. You had three tries, and if it didn’t work out, then you failed the entire class. That’s because at good old Lake Park High School, we had something called “essential competencies.” Were these something everyone in the 90s had? Who knows. But I failed. I should have failed the ENTIRE class, but my teacher took pity on me. This was the class in which you had to pick a partner for the whole semester. The ONLY person who would be my partner was a girl with mild retardation. As a fourteen year old girl, I felt pretty bad about myself -as you can imagine- since the only person at my level of coordination was a girl lacking fine motor skills. She was a nice enough girl, of course. I only tell this story to illustrate my level of functioning physically. It wasn’t good.

Well, there’s hope for ALL of us – because I am now officially (a) in a proper weight for my height and (b) coordinated enough to teach fitness classes. Yeah – take that Lake Park High School! I should write to my teachers, but I am pretty sure they are all dead by now. Unlike many high schoolers today, I had teachers who were older than my parents. They retired just when I got out of college, and now most of them are in their 70s, 80s, or just gone. So I can’t write to them.

But that’s besides the point. The point is, people follow my sweet dance moves several times a week in classes. And not only that, many of them are far less coordinated than I. I know I should compare, but really. Just the other day, a woman came into my class, rolled her eyes at us (because it was a senior fitness class), and she was too fit for us so she walked out. She came back to a different, more difficult class, then proceeded to complain most of the time (when she wasn’t standing around gabbing instead of working out) about how hard everything was.

My point here is that there are many others like me – completely unaware that they have a body or what it’s limitations are. A lot of other people. Somehow they passed P.E. with flying colors, but I now know this is meaningless.

And this is why I think MyBodyMySelf.com needs to go on a tour, teaching people that they too live in a body.

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