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How to Be a Literary Busy Mom: How to Be a Mother and Still Read and Write Novels

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How to Be a Literary Busy Mom: How to Be a Mother and Still Read and Write Novels

Okay, first, I HATE the word “busy.” I also hate the word “OVERWHELMED.” But the masses seem to like these words, so I included them in the title for the enjoyment of my readers.

This year (2014) was my first year as a mother. I have one child and I found it overwhelming to try to continue on with the life I had before. Several things went away almost completely including but not limited to: daily showers, dates with my husband (I also hate the word “hubbie” and will never use it. Ever), and writing time. The first six months was more like a survival boot camp experience, as I had some painful issues from labour and delivery (I will spare you the gory details), and I had the kind of baby that cried unless she was latched onto my nipple all night. Fun times.

Anyway, after about six months, I figured I needed to read and write again or I was going to lose my mind completely.

This is how I have done it:

1) Breaks. When I get a break, I don’t do fun things like I used to. If my husband offers to watch our baby, I go up to our room and write, blog and market my books on my “break.” I take my showers and baths with the baby.

2) KINDLE. My Kindle has saved my brain from cell death. Since my daughter is latched onto me all night, I have to read something with easy-to-turn pages. Thus, the Kindle. I tried audio books but frankly, I hate audio books. I stop paying attention just like I never paid attention in school when the teacher talked.

3). CELL PHONE. I send myself text about book ideas for when I have time to write and/or edit while my daughter sleeps on me.

4) Are you getting that I don’t get a break during my daughter’s nap? Ever. So pretty much, I surf the web on my computer or cell phone and send marketing emails then.

5) Now that my daughter is getting better with people, I plan on hiring a sitter once in awhile so I can get a genuine writing break during the day.

It is tough. I do not know how mothers with multiple children do it, but it seems every baby has different issues (not liking sitters, not napping, etc.). I imagine if you have a baby that takes naps alone, it might not be so hard to write. I’ve used this first year mainly for planning, marketing and editing of already written books because I’m in a sleep-deprived haze most days.

As my daughter gets older, I plan on letting her watch cartoons so I can write. Bad mom, I know. But seriously, I need a life too, and 30 minutes a day of Sesame Street never hurt anyone.


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