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How to Get Stuff Done with a Toddler

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How to Get Stuff Done with a Toddler

The catch-22 of getting things done is that you have to give your toddler something interesting to do while you get work/cleaning/writing/ANYTHING done, and that thing is very likely to be MESSY.

Just to have 20 minutes of writing to myself, I have had to allow my almost 2-year old to fingerpaint. I now know why the package of Alex fingerpaints says “3 and up.” She is covered in fingerpaint. It looks like she slaughtered a monster who had blue paint for blood. I am just grateful that I gave her the blue paint and not the red. What I really need is one of those old-fashioned tubs that sits in the middle of my living room to just dunk her in, as I cannot even fathom how to begin cleaning her without getting myself all messy. I have literally spent $50 on paints for this toddler. It’s an entire process of putting a small amount of paint in old containers, otherwise she takes ALL the paint out of the tub. Again, there’s a reason for the 3 and up warning.

That brings me to my second idea – get yourself an apron. There is a reason old-fashioned housewives wore aprons, and it was not just to look cute. If you’ve read about me at all, you know I have PCOS – not a tragic disease, but an unfortunate one. Half the time I get to look 5-months pregnant. I am thinking in accepting my fate and just wearing aprons with all my clothes. Not only are they cute, they would hide my “baby bump” and prevent my actual clothes from becoming a mess.

Anyway, besides finger paints, I have tried giving her small bowls to give her dolls bubble baths in. That inevitably leads to her drinking the soapy water (not good). There’s got to be some kind of edible soap, and if it exists, I will find it.

There’s also television. My toddler is addicted to Little Baby Bum videos. I feel less guilty about letting her watch these, as she has memorized most of the songs.

Play dough often rescues the day around here too. Her favorite thing to do is to make “berries” and put them in little pots and pans, or to make food for her dollhouse people and pets.

Those are my ideas – crayons used to work but those are boring now to her. Stickers sometimes still entertain her, but they require fine motor skills she doesn’t quite have.

Anyone else have ideas to keep toddlers busy?


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